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We teach fun beginner ballroom dance lessons as well as advanced ballroom lessons in Everett for social and competitive dancers. Our dance studio is comfortable and bright, filled with friendly faces and highly experienced instructors. Check out our group class schedule or schedule your introductory private lesson today.


Learn to Ballroom Dance in Everett at First Class Ballroom.


Private dance lessons taught by professional dance instructors in Everett

Private Lessons


Learn to dance popular dances that you can dance at parties and events.


Our professional dance instructors will teach you the steps to quickly give you the moves you need to be a great dancer.


Schedule your lesson today.


Learn to dance in our group dance classes at First Class Ballroom in Everett

Group Classes


Fun group dance classes are a great way to compliment your individual dance lessons. You will share your learning with other students.


We will help you decide what group classes will work best for your learning style.


It is never too late to learn to dance.

Dance and perform at First Class Ballroom showcases throughout the year



At First Class Ballroom we have several opportunities for you to shine and to show all the dancing you have learned at our showcases.


If you want to take things to the next level you can compete at local competitions and even national competitions.


You get to be the star.

Learn to Swing Dance, Waltz, Foxtrot, do some Salsa Dancing, Hustle or take Tango lessons and more.

Join our fun and affordable group dance classes and learn quickly from our world class dance instructors.


DanceSport competition dance program at First Class Ballroom in Everett



We have a DanceSport teaching program at First Class Ballroom which has trained dancers who are National Champions and representatives to World DanceSport Championships.


Ages from young kids through senior adults.


Pro-Am and Amateur.


Kids ballroom dance lessons for kids 4 and up taught at First Class Ballroom in Everett

Kids Dance Lessons


Learning to ballroom dance as a young dancer is a rewarding education that stays with the child for life.


The dance lessons culminate with showcases several times during the year where children get to share their learning success with family and friends.


Zumba dance classes at First Class Ballroom in Everett



In addition to our ballroom dance teaching we offer Zumba dance classes.


These high energy classes are a great way for you to stay in shape and to meet new friends and accountability partners.


Check the calendar for class times.


Start Ballroom Dancing Today!

We offer both Private Dance Lessons and Group Dance Classes.


Schedule of Dance Classes and Events in Everett.


7:00 PM Latin Technique Class with Sergey Nekrasov - Intermediate Level

7:00 PM Salsa Class with Nathan Fontes - All Levels

8:00 PM West Coast Swing with Karl Riggs - All Levels



5:30 PM Kids Ballroom & Latin Group Class - Newcomer

6:15 PM Kids Ballroom & Latin Group Class - Bronze Level

7:00 PM International Standard Ballroom Class with Sasha & Natasha - All Levels

8:00 PM International Latin Class with Sasha & Natasha - Advanced Level



7:00 PM Ballroom Class with Sergey Nekrasov - All Levels

7:00 PM Bachata with Karl Riggs - All Levels *Starting October 7th

8:00 PM American Smooth with Karl Riggs - All Levels *Starting October 7th



5:30 PM Kids Ballroom & Latin Group Class - Newcomer

6:15 PM Kids Ballroom & Latin Group Class - Bronze Level

7:00 PM Couples Ballroom & Latin Class with Lars & Holly - Newcomer to Intermediate Level.

7:00 PM American Rhythm with Karl Riggs - All Levels



7:00 PM Salsa Class with Sasha & Natasha - All Levels

8:00 PM Social Dance Party - Fun for everyone!



9:30 AM Zumba Dance with Fernanda

12:00 PM International Latin Group Class with Sasha & Natasha - All Levels



10:00 AM Zumba Dance with Allison *Starting October 11th.







My husband and I are a bit of an anomaly: I have been dancing for a while and he has never danced. We have tried a dance lesson here and there at several different studios, but have left absolutely frustrated with each other and the experience (I lack patience when he doesn't instantly catch the beat, he doesn't understand why I can't "just have fun"). No teacher has been able to figure out what's going on and make us BOTH feel comfortable, so we haven't returned, while dancing/not dancing has been a constant source of tension in our home.


My husband has kindly agreed to give it another try after we moved to Everett, and I found First Class Ballroom on line. We "dropped in" on their couple's ballroom class, and had a wonderful experience! Both Holly and Lars are extremely knowledgeable and can instantly pick up on what needs to be corrected, but they do it in such a fun way. The lesson went at a perfect pace -- not too fast, but not too slow. They managed to keep me from getting bored while allowing enough time and repetition so that by the end of the class my husband was leading his first Waltz! They also stayed after class listening to our "story" and really hearing us out! We found that they could somehow relate to both of us and were really encouraging towards my husband and understanding towards me. They know their stuff and have a really great, warm, and inviting atmosphere at the ballroom.


For seasoned dancers: the floor is AMAZING and the studio pretty spacious.


We are coming back tonight for lesson #2! Can't wait.


- Anastasia D.

I was highly impressed by Lars and Holly who took lots of time to answer my questions. My wife and I had been shopping around and they were the only ones who genuinely cared about us as a couple. We have taken the introduction lessons and we have had a great experience. My wife actually tells her friends now that her husband is a great dancer.

- Gurra N.


An excellent ballroom for private or group dance lessons.

- Joy S.



What a nice place to learn to dance. Feels open and sunny inside on the dance floor.

- Google review



Best place for kids and for mom and dad to take dance lessons at the same time.

- Google review



The people were very nice, not snobby like some.  Great dancing and nice people.  I will be looking for time in my schedule to go back!!

- Google review



Wonderful teachers for All phases of dance.

- King5 review



Wonderful place to learn to dance

- King5 review

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