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Competitive dance is called DanceSport. Compete locally, nationally and around the world with our world class dance program

Kids, youth, teens, adults and seniors can all enjoy competitive dance. You dance against other couples in local competitions as well as at bigger competitions that require travel.


Pro-Am Competitors

In our Pro Am (Professional - Amateur) dance program you partner with your professional dance instructor. You take lessons and improve your dancing at a steady pace within the goals you set together. Ladies partner with gentlemen professional instructors. Gentlemen partner with lady professional instructors. The beauty with ProAm competitions are that you have the security and benefit to work with your experienced pro. He or she takes the pressure off doing things on your own. You get to wear fantastic ballroom gowns and gentlemen get to wear handsome suits. With Latin or Rhythm, your costumes can be a little racier. Your dancing will take you places that you only have dreamed about. It's true, you can be the star and not just watch it on television.


Amateur Dance Competitors

When you compete as Amateur you will partner with another amateur dance student. This allows for a wonderful opportunity to dance with your spouse, friend, partner or even sibling. Amateur DanceSport competitions are held regularly to allow you opportunity to grow and develop in your abilities and levels.  Competitions start with "Newcomer" events which are a great place to try your first competition. You compete against other amateur dancers just like you, at your ability and age division. Kids have more limitations on dress code in the earlier levels as the focus is on skill rather than elaborate dresses. As levels climb into Bronze, Silver and Gold you learn more figures and improve your styling. The highest level is Open Championship Level.


Qualifications of First Class Ballroom

Both Pro-Am and Amateur dancers from First Class Ballroom have achieved great success in their competitive dance including multiple National Champions and World Championship representatives as well as appearances on television. Our pros are highly qualified and experienced to help you set some goals, big or small.



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